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J Latch

Johnson’s exclusive J-Latch is a uniquely engineered hook latch system providing outstanding flexibility and durability. Its heavy-duty design incorporates a steel beam that positively engages a special recessed area in the hook tip. The removable two-position pin allows the J-Latch to function either as a locked bar or as an automatic spring latch. The J-Latch meets OSHA requirements and is standard equipment on Johnson crane blocks through 165 tons, all Johnson overhaul balls and all swivels with hooks. The J-Latch is offered as an option on Johnson snatch blocks.

All Johnson block hooks with a J-Latch notch must be fitted with only a J-Latch to ensure proper fit. Inability to properly pin the Johnson J-Latch into its locked position could indicate distortion or permanent deformation in the hook opening. If this condition should occur remove the hook from service immediately and contact the factory.

Product Description
Standard Hooks Latch Kit Part No.
A 5 Ton
A 7 Ton
A 15 Ton
A 22 Ton
A 30 Ton
40 Ton
50-70 Ton
80-100 Ton
130-165 Ton

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