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Deck Rings

Forged D-Ring with Strap, Type A, Self-Colored

deck ring type a diagram
deck ring type a
Product Description
Size in Inches Dimensions in Inches Breaking Strength in Pounds* Approx. Weight Each in Pounds
 1/2 2.25 2.50 0.50 1.76 0.61 12,000 0.94
5/8 3.00 3.00 0.63 2.48 0.92 18,000 1.87
3/4 3.00 3.00 0.75 2.48 1.00 26,500 2.70
1 3.00 3.00 1.00 2.52 1.21 47,000 4.21

Forged D-Ring with Strap, Type B, Galvanized, For Offshore Use

deck ring type b diagram
deck ring type b
Product Description
Size Dimensions in Inches Breaking Strength in Tons* Approx. Weight Each in Pounds
F187 0.50 2.63 2.00 1.97 7 1.19
F653 0.87 4.72 3.15 3.94 36 6.61
F654 1.00 5.00 3.66 1.61 41 7.72
F655 1.00 5.00 4.02 1.97 50 9.92

* Please note that the loads shown are “ultimate breaking strength” loads and not “working load limits” and are based on a single straight line pull and apply to the ring itself as well as the connection between the ring and strap, but does not apply to the weld securing the strap to the mounting surface. Working load limits are to be determined by the user and should be based on the particular application, angle of pull (which will reduce breaking strength), and any other applicable standards or specifications. Always apply an appropriate safety factor.
D-Rings and straps should not be used at temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit as this will permanently alter the properties of the steel and thus reduce the strength of the D-Ring. Care should be taken when welding the strap so as not to allow the D-Ring to be heated above 500 degrees.
D-Rings and straps are only sold together as a set and are not available individually.
“Type A” D-Rings zinc plated, straps self-colored.
D-Rings are designed for tie-down purposes only and are not intended for lifting.

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