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Grab IQ 1
Figure 1

The GrabiQ Master Grab combines a master link, master link connectors for two legs of chain, and two shortening hooks into a single fitting. The shortening hook can also be used to create loop legs.

Grab IQ 2
Figure 2

Traditional two leg; fully adjustable sling would require 7 components.

A Totally New Way To Fabricate Chain Slings

GrabiQ is an exciting new family of alloy chain sling components. Instead of the old “one component does one job” fitting, GrabiQ combines in a single component up to three separate functions. Figure 1 features a GrabiQ Master Grab, which serves as the master link, connecting link for two legs of chain, and shortening hooks for each leg, all in one fitting. Using traditional fittings to construct the same sling (figure 2) would require 7 top-of-the-sling components, instead of just one. Some of the new GrabiQ fittings are equally well-suited for use as top assembly connectors or hooks at the bottom of a sling, adding even more flexibility for riggers.

GrabiQ is much more versatile and flexible than other chain slings. Each leg of a GrabiQ sling is typically furnished with a chain pocket, which can be used for shortening or creating leg loops. Rigging has never been easier.

While the specific working load limits vary depending on size, slings fabricated from grade 100 chain and fittings are about 25% stronger than their grade 80 counterparts. Converting from grade 80 to GrabiQ will especially benefit users who can make use of the additional WLL without the expense of purchasing larger chain and fittings. The percentage of strength increase varies depending on the size. The working load limit (WLL) gain for 3/8” is about 24 percent, while the WLL gain for 7/32” is more than 30 percent. All other sizes fall somewhere in between.

A True Grade 100 Alloy Chain Sling

Grab IQ 5
Figure 3

Each GrabiQ component is clearly marked with the number 10, designating it as Grade 100.

Grab IQ 3
Figure 4

Only 3 top-of-the-sling GrabiQ components are needed to fabricate a 4-leg, fully adjustable sling.

Grab IQ 4
Figure 5

Traditional fabrication requires 15 fittings

Fewer Components Means Less Weight

Most of the time, GrabiQ slings will be lighter than their grade 80 counterparts. Fewer components means less weight. Also, because grade 100 has a lifting capacity that is usually 25% higher than its grade 80 counterpart, the ratio of strength-to-weight is greater, offering additional weight savings with GrabiQ.

Reduced Components Means Less Clutter

Because GrabiQ often reduces the number of components required to assemble a chain sling, rigging is easier. Figure 7 shows a three-leg fully adjustable chain sling with all three legs shortened. The sling still has only three fittings at the top.

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