Standard Material: Drop-Forged Alloy Steel
Finish: Painted Orange
Working Load Limit - Tip: 2 Ton
Working Load Limit - Bottom: 7 1/2 Ton
Weight Each: 6 lbs.




• Failure to follow the Instructions For Use below and these Warnings, may cause death or serious injury.
• Use hoist hooks only as indicated.
• Never point load a hook.
• Do not use hooks for lifting personnel.
• Hooks must always be inspected for wear, distortion and damage before use. If worn, distorted or damaged, discard and replace.
• Do not weld on hooks. If a hook is exposed to weld spatter, discard that hook.
• Always stand clear of loads being lifted.

To prevent the possibility of serious bodily injury:
• DO NOT EXCEED the working load limit.
• DO NOT shock or impact load.
• DO NOT USE if the fitting is visibly distorted or worn.





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